Javier Ibáñez

DSC_0930Javier Ibáñez is associate professor at the Department of Computer Science (DSIC) of the “Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV)”. He has University Degrees in Mathematics (1980), Physical Sciences (1992) and in Computer Science (1996), also he has an Diploma of Higher Education in Computer Systems (2002) and the PhD in Computer Science (2006). He teaches at various schools of the University Polytechnic University of Valencia since 1989. He currently teaches programming in numerical methods (first year) at the School of Civil Engineers and Ports, and parallel computing (third year) at the School of Informatics (UPV). He belongs to research center “Instituto de Instrumentación para Imagen Molecular (I3M)” and to the investigation group “Grid y Computación de Altas Prestaciones (GRyCAP)”. He has experience in sequential and parallel computing in the resolution of matrix differential equations, computing matrix functions, and their application for solving engineering problems.

He has participated as researcher in 17 research projects (principal investigator in three of them) and responsible of two educational University projects. Currently he has 20 articles in international journals with impact factor JCR: 10 articles in the first quartile, 9 in the second quartile and 1 in the third quartile. Also he has 8 publications as book chapters and 21 publications in international conferences.